Choosing a windows container OS

One of the most important decisions to make when containerizing your windows application is what container OS to use.

To understand this problem one needs to understand what essentially is changing.

  1. From customer to customer the choice of operating system support options will  change between LTSC and SAC.
  2. From application to application, the technology will change,

Lets have a closer look … read more

What is docker and why will it change everything!

So what is all the all this Docker hype about? Software is multi-faceted, and getting it working on your dev-environment is one thing, but getting it into production presents many complicated challenges for dev-ops teams. Your software will always run in your labs against a set of external assumptions. This could be the operating system, a message queue, a database or even dependencies on the java and dot net run-times. The fact is that these external components to your software is often different in production, and all too often we see software failure, due to the external components no longer integrating correctly in the production environment. read more

Modernizing legacy applications with Docker – Part 1


Today I will discuss how to modernize your web-forms application do run as a docker service. Once you have done this it will be possible to run your application in the cloud, and have it orchestrated by SWARM, Kubernete or even Service Fabric. This will allow your application to run at scale, be more reliable and available. read more

Decomposing systems with – The Method

The method

is the name of a service orientated software design methodology. It’s primary value proposition is that demonstrates a mechanical approach to software design leading to repeatable outcomes. The artifact of this process is a system decomposition, that maximizes operational flexibility, satisfies the runtime constraints and contains change at the component boundary.  read more

Why developers should not write features.

At least not in the context of the system …

Now I know this is going to create many comments and many will not agree with me, but allow me to explain why.

The reasons for my statement are many, but the one that comes to mind first is that feature specifications tends to be incorrect. They are also changing constantly as in reality they try to capture a dynamic real world problem in a static snapshot . The feature specification only presents a synopsis of the user interaction and the desired outcome. The user will do x in some way using y to achieve z. read more