Decomposing systems with – The Method

The method

is the name of a service orientated software design methodology. It’s primary value proposition is that demonstrates a mechanical approach to software design leading to repeatable outcomes. The artifact of this process is a system decomposition, that maximizes operational flexibility, satisfies the runtime constraints and contains change at the component boundary. 

Invented by Juval Lowy and practiced today by IDesign it is indeed a remarkable system design methodology. It resolves many of the issues we face with modern software production. After completing the courses from IDesign (his company) you are left asking yourself how you ever built software without this knowledge.

Some of the practical highlights include:

  • Notation specification for showing all constraints of a modern SOA.
  • Calling out your components based on a method of seeking out business volatility, but at the same time preserving a good level of granularity.
  • Strict rules to categorize your components into, Resouce Access, Managers, Engines and Utilities.
  • Strict set of interaction rules between component categories. (Layered Architecture)
  • Strict set of rules for the responsibility of each component.
  • Deliniate the encapsulation of the primary sequence or use case orchestration from other activities.

On the downside for people like myself in Africa, his courses will cost the same price as a small house, once airfares and accommodation is taken into account.

That said, it is worth every cent and will probably save you loads money in the long run. In my view you cannot put a price tag on his courses it is priceless in my opinion.

I have had the privilege of working with Juval and spending some time with him both in Johannesburg and San Jose. Activities included a trip to the cradle of human kind, the lion park however the subject was always software 🙂

When I was attending the Project Design Master class in California he invited me to his farm.

The clarrity of his thoughts resonate practically with every aspect of his life. His farm is a system. It is off grid and there are designated components that manage every aspect. At heart he is an engineer, his passionate about technology and truly gifted.

If you can get onto one of his courses it will be an experience.




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