My stunning wife Kim, and our son West

Hi and welcome to we do code  my name is Shaun Kiesewetter, and at my core I am passionate about technology and learning. Today I am the Chief Architect and R&D Director, for Assima. www.assima.net  At Assima , I work with three international R&D teams, on some of the worlds most advanced performance support and business process learning systems. Our customers include the likes of Coca-Cola, Dubai Aluminum, North-op Grumman and I could go on here ..

I have the privilege of working and learning with/from some of the most talented engineers in the industry.

Before joining the Assima team,  I was the Chief Architect for Kaplan Learning Technologies, and before that, I was managing software teams and designing software for award winning products such as:

STT Trainer

Atlantic Link

Today I am proud to say that my code is alive and well and running in corporate enterprises around the world.

We do code, is my vision on helping to change the software industry for the better. I hope you enjoy the site and find the information with in it thought provoking and ultimately helpful.